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The Code of Ethics has a specific section on relations with suppliers which must be oriented towards mutual satisfaction and be based on the observance of the principles of transparency, fairness, loyalty, integrity and competition. Suppliers are selected with care on the basis of cost, service quality and technical, commercial and financial reliability. The Code of Ethics states that where requirements are the same, preference is given to those suppliers who demonstrate the implementation of good practices of responsibility and/or possession of social or environmental certifications.


The  Environmental Policy orients purchasing management towards the use of products and services which have a low environmental impact throughout their life-cycle and to procure supplies locally, where possible, thereby minimising harmful emissions generated by transport.


The Purchasing Department of UBI Sistemi e Servizi manages the purchasing cycle for Group companies in compliance with the provisions of the Group Spending Regulations. These regulations, which apply to all Group companies, govern the roles and responsibilities of those involved in managing budgets and incurring expenses with the separation of roles between those requesting supplies and authorising payments, those that sign contracts and handle negotiations with suppliers and those keeping the accounts and paying the invoices.


During 2017, the new UBI.S supplier portal was launched, with which the Group's regular and occasional suppliers of goods and services exceeding €30,000 can register. Each supplier must declare its adherence to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and indicate whether they have qualifications such as quality certifications (ISO 9001 or equivalent), Social Accountability certifications (SA8000 or equivalent), Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS 18001), environmental management certificate (ISO 14001 or equivalent), Eco Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) registration, and registration in the Environmental Management Register.


Contractual conditions and payment terms are aligned on an ongoing basis with the legislation in force and with market conditions on the basis of periodic monitoring. Specific contractual clauses are included for recurrent, strategic, high-operational-risk and financially substantial supplies.


Standard contractual clauses empower UBI Sistemi e Servizi to verify or have verified by its agents that the supply of goods or the provision of services is carried out, in compliance with the applicable legislation and regulations. Such clauses also provide for the supplier to undertake to facilitate the implementation of these verification powers, by providing UBI Sistemi e Servizi with all the information required, including the documentation needed to carry out appropriate controls.