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Presenza titolo UBI in indici


  • STOXX Europe 600 Price Index EUR
  • EURO STOXX Banks Price EUR
  • STOXX Europe 600 Banks Price EUR
  • EURO STOXX Index
  • Bloomberg European 500 Index
  • STOXX Europe Small 200 Price EUR
  • EURO STOXX Small Price EUR
  • S&P Global 1200 Index
  • Bloomberg Europe 500 Banks And Financial Services Index
  • Dow Jones Italy Titans 30 Index Euro
  • STOXX Europe Total Market Price EUR
  • S&P Europe 350 GICS Level Sector MFM Index
  • STOXX Global 1800 Index EUR
  • STOXX Europe 600 ex UK Price EUR
  • FTSE Developed Europe All Cap Net Tax (US RIC) Index
  • S&P Global BMI (US Dollar)
  • FTSE Developed ex US All Cap Net Tax (US RIC) Index
  • STOXX Europe 600 Financials (Price) EUR
  • S&P Global Mid Small Cap Index
  • Bloomberg Europe 500 Economic Sectors Index
  • S&P Global LargeMidCap (US Dollar)
  • Bloomberg ESG Data Index
  • STOXX Global 3000 Price Index
  • S&P Europe Economic Sectors GICS Level Sector Index
  • S&P Global 1200 Financial Sector GICS Level 1 Index
  • EURO STOXX Banks 30-15 EUR (Net Return)
  • FTSE MIB Banks 15% Capped Net Tax Index
  • STXE600 EQW € Pr
  • Bloomberg European Financial Index
  • Solactive Candriam Factors Sustainable Europe Equity Index
  • STOXX All Europe 800 Price Index
  • S&P Developed BMI (US Dollar)
  • EURO STOXX Total Market Price EUR
  • Solactive Europe Total Market 675 Index (PR)
  • S&P Developed Ex-U.S. BMI (US Dollar)
  • S&P Europe Financials Sector GICS Level 1 Index
  • S&P Europe 350 Banks Industry Group GICS Level 2 Index
  • S&P Developed LargeMidCap (US Dollar)
  • Solactive Candriam Factors Sustainable EMU Equity Index
  • FTSE All-World ex North America Index USD
  • S&P EPAC BMI (US Dollar)
  • STOXX Italy Total Market Price Index
  • ECB SSM List
  • S&P Global MidSmlCap USD
  • S&P Europe 350 Financial Sector GICS Level 1 Index
  • S&P Global Ex-U.S. BMI (US Dollar)
  • FTSE Custom Composite UK All-Share 50% Net Tax Index
  • NASDAQ Eurozone Large Mid Cap Index
  • FTSE Euro Mid Index
  • S&P Pan Europe BMI (US Dollar)
  • FTSE Developed Blended (022 & 045) PGGM Customized For NE NI CO2 Optimised PGGM
  • NASDAQ Eurozone Large Mid Cap NTR Index
  • Solactive GBS Developed Markets Europe Large & Mid Cap EUR Index NTR
  • WisdomTree International Equity  Index
  • STOXX Italy 45 Price Index
  • S&P Global BMI Value USD Index
  • STOXX All Europe Total Market Price Index
  • BI Europe Bank Competitive Peers
  • S&P Dev MidSmall Cap USD Index
  • FTSE All World ex Greece Index USD
  • S&P Italy BMI Index
  • FTSE Developed ex US Low Beta Equal Weight Net Tax (US RIC) Index
  • J.P. Morgan iDex EUR Banks EUR Index (PR Series 1)
  • S&P Western Europe BMI Index
  • FTSE Euro Mid Ebloc Index
  • S&P Global BMI Banks Index
  • FTSE Custom Composite UK All-Share 60% Dev Europe ex UK Net Tax
  • S&P Global Ex-U.S. LargeMidCap (US Dollar)
  • BI Italy Regional Banking Competitive Peers
  • S&P Euro + Index
  • WisdomTree Global ex-Mexico Equity Index
  • MSCI Italy USD
  • FTSE Developed Europe Ex Uk Index - Hedg Tr Gbp
  • J.P. Morgan iDex EUR Financials EUR Index (PR Series 1)
  • S&P Glb xUS MidSmCap USD
  • WT Global Dividend
  • S&P Developed Ex-U.S. LargeMidCap (US Dollar)
  • FTSE World ex Greece Index USD
  • S&P Europe 350 GICS Level Industry Group MFM Index
  • FTSE Euro Mid Excluding United Kingdom
  • S&P Eurozone BMI Index
  • J.P. Morgan iDex EUR Information Technology EUR Index (PR Series 1)
  • WisdomTree International MidCap Dividend Fund IOPV
  • S&P Dvlp Ex-U.S. BMI Fin
  • S&P EPAC Between USD2 Billion and USD10 Billion U.S. Dollar Index
  • S&P Developed Ex U.S. MidSmallCap USD Index
  • ISE PGG Index
  • The S-Network Eurzne Bnk
  • S-Ntwrk Eurozone Bank TR
  • WisdomTree International High Dividend Index
  • WisdomTree International MidCap Dividend Index
  • SP DEV X-U.S. BMI Banks



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