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Presenza Internazionale

At UBI Banca we are committed to providing our clientele with a wide range of products and services to ensure full coverage of their international requirements.

We provide personalized import/export services, state-of-the-art transaction processing and have the flexibility to devise tailor-made solutions for our customers.



International Division

Via Cefalonia, 74
25124 Brescia
Tel. +39 030 2473776
       Fax +39 030 2473625




Our International Presence





International Events


Scopri il nuovo sito di UBI Banca dedicato a tutti i prodotti e servizi internazionali  https://www.ubibanca.com/ubi/estero






UBI Banca has a website specifically dedicated to all the international products and services offered by UBI Banca Group

www.ubibanca.com/ubi/estero (italian version)


For events up to December 2014 see our archive: Events calendar




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