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The personnel represents a patrimony of values, abilities and expertise which is the real driver of “Fare banca per bene” (to bank fairly and well) and of the Bank’s strength and commitment in society and in the community. In order to conserve and grow this patrimony, we offer all employees equal opportunities for growth with no discrimination by gender or of any other nature, through continuous training throughout a person’s career linked to periodic professional assessment and to the recognition of merit. We have also developed policies to reconcile work and family demands with the use of flexible forms of working such as part-time, the reduction or suspension of working hours, hour banks and smart working.


UBI Academy, the Group’s corporate university, studies, plans and delivers training to develop technical expertise and knowledge and managerial abilities and to establish a corporate identity with its own culture and professional ethic.


It is the duty of the Health and Safety Manager to safeguard the mental, physical and social well being of persons at the workplace, by means of a health and safety management system oriented towards both compliance with regulations and organisational well-being, a value strongly associated with corporate climate, personal commitment and work satisfaction.


With the co-ordination of the Group Welfare Manager, we offer all employees, whether full or part-time:

  • collective welfare plans including pension, health and insurance coverage under the relevant regulations;

  • child assistance and canteen benefits to provide meals as well as sports and recreational activities;

  • preferential conditions for access to different products and services offered by the Bank/company.

  • passenger transport services between the main management headquarters and financial support for geographical mobility.

In support of younger colleagues as they enter the work force, regulations were introduced to enhance the corporate contribution to supplementary pension schemes and first-home-purchase incentives. Additional welfare benefits are supported through the reimbursement of certain incurred household expenses (e.g. schools of all types and at all levels, campus expenses, textbooks, canteen services and care for elderly family members) or through education/recreation and sports services provided by the Bank.


In 2018, for the fouth consecutive year, UBI Banca obtained Top Employers certification for excellence in its human resources policies. Distinguishing features included the very many hours of training, its smart working strategies and its corporate voluntary work.

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