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The companies of the Group

International Network

ISP-BPER supplementary agreement
Access the list of branches and oulets as per the agreement dated 12/11/2020 (available in Italian only)

VAT Group

Anti Money Laundering documents
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As from 5th August 2020 UBI Banca, established on 1st April 2007 from the merger between BPU Banca and Banca Lombarda, is part of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group.


The UBI Banca operates through the SDIR-NIS service managed by Spafid for the transmission of the Regulated Information. For the storage of the Regulated Information, the UBI Banca operates through the "1Info" authorised storage device, managed by Computershare S.p.A.


English version is a courtesy translation from the Italian which remains the definitive version.


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Ordinary General Shareholders' Meeting


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Pillar 3
Disclosures as at 30th September 2020


2019 Consolidated non-financial statement - Sustainability Report


Historical documentation