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Social Responsibility    Governance

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Ethical, social, and environmental aspects of management are co-ordinated by the Group’s CSR Manager, responsible for UBI Banca's Corporate Social Responsibility Function, who reports to the Financial Reporting, Accounting Principles and Controls Service. This service reports to the Chief Financial Officer, who is on the staff of the Chief Executive Officer.


Responsibilities on specific topics are delegated to:

  • The Welfare and Mobility Manager, in the Human Resources Area under the Chief Operating Officer, who is responsible for optimising systematic travel by employees and for the conception and co-ordination of action to improve the quality of life of persons inside and outside the Bank, from the viewpoint of both organisational well-being and personal well-being, offering concrete opportunities in terms of services and benefits; 

  • The Health and Safety Manager, manager of the Prevention and Protection at the Workplace Unit, who reports to the Chief Operating Officer, responsible for the management of all aspects of health and safety of workers, by means of occupational risk assessment, prevention, and monitoring, and the appropriate corrective and training activities;

  • the Energy Manager, manager of the Energy Management Operational Unit in the Real Estate Department of UBI Sistemi e Servizi, who is responsible for analysing the energy requirement and for taking action to optimise consumption and improve the energy efficiency of buildings and services.

Corporate Governance