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Corporate Governance    Board of Directors and Management Control Committee

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Corporate governance

Board of Directors and Management Control Committee

The Board of Directors, appointed on 15 October 2020 for the three-year period 2020-2021-2022, consisting of 15 members, including a Chairman, Vice-President and Chief Executive officer and 5 members of the Management Control Committee.

The Board of Directors is characterised by the predominant presence of non-executive and/or independent Directors: at least two-thirds of the Directors and in any event all members of the Management Control Committee must, in fact, be in possession of requirements of independence as indicated in Art. 21 of the Articles of Association.

According to Articles of Association the composition of the Board must ensure the gender balance; In particular at least one-third of the member belong to the least represented gender.


The Board must meet at least on a monthly basis.
The Board Directors must be suitable to conduct their assignment, in accordance with the provisions of existing regulations and the articles of association.


The Board Director is currently composed by:


Chairman of the Board of Directors

Paolo Maria Vittorio Grandi 



Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors

Bruno Picca


Chief Executive Officer

Gaetano Miccichè



Board Members


Paola Angeletti

Giuseppe Attanà

Luigi Arturo Bianchi

Giovanni Boccolini

Mario Ciaccia

Maria Luisa Cicognani

Cristina Flaim

Stefania Mancino

Felice Scalvini

Anna Simioni

Laura Viganò

Alessandra Vitali Rosati


The management Controll Committee is made up of:


Luigi Arturo Bianchi- Chairman of the Management Control Committee

Mario Ciaccia

Maria Luisa Cicognani

Cristina Flaim

Stefania Mancino




Appointments Committee

- Felice Scalvini Presidente

- Anna Simioni

- Giovanni Boccolini

Remuneration Committee

- Alessandra Vitali Rosati Presidente

- Paola Angeletti

- Anna Simioni



Risk Committee

- Giuseppe Attana’ Presidente

- Maria Luisa Cicognani

- Bruno Picca

Related Parties and Connected Persons Committee

- Mario Ciaccia Presidente

- Giuseppe Attana’

- Laura Vigano’