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Corporate Governance    Auditing Firm

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Corporate governance

Auditing Firm

The Auditing Firm currently engaged by UBI Banca is DELOITTE & TOUCHE SpA.


On the basis of a reasoned proposal submitted by the Supervisory Board, and having received a favourable opinion from the Internal Control and Audit Committee, the Shareholders’ Meeting appointed the independent auditors DELOITTE & TOUCHE Spa, with registered address at 25 Via Tortona, Milan, to perform the legal audits of the separate company financial statements of UBI Banca and the consolidated financial statements of the UBI Banca Group, to verify that the corporate accounts are properly kept and that operating events are accurately recorded in those accounts, and also to perform a limited audit of the condensed interim consolidated financial statements of the UBI Banca Group for the years running from 2012 until 2020, setting the fees and the criteria for adjusting them during the period of the appointment.


The Auditing Firm previously engaged by UBI Banca was KPMG S.p.A.


The Auditors’ Reports are included in the full year an half year reports.


Disclosures concerning the fees of the independent auditors and services other than auditing in compliance with Art. 149 duodieces of CONSOB

Deloitte & Touche Spa



2011 Registered Shareholders' Meeting: appointment for the legal audit of the accounts after FY 2011